Mehdi Sefrioui Mehdi Sefrioui


Mehdi Sefrioui, born in Tangier, is a Moroccan fashion photographer based in Paris.

He made his first steps in his art trough street photography, documenting his long walks and travels with portraits and landscape shots.

After business studies in Paris, an internship at the artists agency Art Partner and a year studying Photography in Paris College of Art, Mehdi Sefrioui decided to officially take his shot in fashion photography where he can let his creativity free. With a purist and minimalist style to his photography, Mehdi Sefrioui returns to his roots as to the topics he wants to address in his work. Each story is a commitment to research and in-depth work. Being faithful to the subject while bringing its own vision is what motivates Mehdi Sefriouiā€™s approach.